The hill of Rapola
Part of the exhibition 
Time and landscape
(Aika ja maisema) in Voipaala art center

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It's a big model of the historically important hill of Rapola in Sääksmäki, Finland. The model displays Rapola as it has looked like at the end of the iron age about 1000 years ago. The reconstruction was only possible due to assistance of archeologist and researcher Sirkka-Liisa Seppälä from the Helsinki University. But at the same time the whole landscape with the hill is a huge soft playground for children (about 32m2, 80cm high), where they can jump on the fields, sit on the mountain or crawl through the woods. For the first time people can even embrace the hill of Rapola! The playground is made of foam rubber, covered with a very special fabric and painted. 

© Alexander Reichstein 
(with assistance of Vera Hlebnikova and Sirkka-Liisa Seppälä)