Tove Jansson and the Sea

Town Hall, Hamina, 10 June to 13 August 2022

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“Tove Jansson - the visual artist, author, illustrator and cartoonist - lived her life surrounded by the sea. The sea was part of everything, especially in the archipelago, where she used to spend her summers, and the seashore was always just a walking distance away from her homes in Helsinki. In Tove Jansson’s extensive production, the sea lives on as a favourite motif and as a milieu with its own laws. The sea storms in Moomin illustrations and splashes in the colour compositions of oil paintings, it glistens in the summer sun and raises green, foamy waves not only in the images but also in Jansson’s texts, where she harnesses her entire word repertoire to depict the sea, sky and shapes of the shore.

The exhibition “Tove Jansson and the Sea” presents Tove Jansson’s seascapes from illustration art to oil paintings and from small-scale sketches to the large wall paintings that she made for the Seurahuone Hotel in Hamina in 1952. The exhibition includes her early works from the late 1930s with varying imaginative milieus and realistic landscape painting, and works from the late 1960s in which she has shifted to non-figurative expression.” (Sirke Happonen)

The exhibition architecture deals with a controversial task: to exhibit Tove’s artworks in a most respectful way, and to build around them a playful three-dimensional installation, friendly to visitors of any age. Original paintings, both abstract and figurative, are completed with printed graphic images of the Moomins and other funny creatures from Tove’s children’s books.

Production: the city of Hamina
Exhibition architecture and graphic design: Alexander Reichstein
Expert, texts: Sirke Happonen
Conservation expert: Hannele Heporauta
Light: Marjut Kauppinen
3D-model: Varja Protassova

Project manager: Lassi Ikäheimo
Sound: Tomi Pekkola
Construction work:
Jukka Hakulinen, Petri Holamo, Joona Puustelli, Timo Roukas, Topi Nurmela
Electricity: Tommi Saarainen
Communication: Minna Nordström, Taina Värri
Production management: Elisa Rehunen, Hannu Kaukiainen, Kati Jokelainen, Anna-Kaisa Hollanti, Marika Auvinen, Henni Kiri, Pasi Vainio, Markku Turu, Saija Ristola, Eija Karnaattu, Pia Mentunen, Monna Laari, Jary Högnabba, Lauri Harjumaaskola, Alina Menke
Photos: Taina Värri, Alexander Reichstein

Moomin Characters
Tove Jansson’s family
Patu Patanen
Roseprint Oy
AK Sound & Music Service
Galleria Aforte
Teho Oy