The Sea adventure with the Moomins

Children's playground at the Habitare fair, Helsinki Fair Centre, Sept. 2022

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This playground has been commissioned by the Moomin Museum for the Habitare fair in Helsinki, 2020. Due to the pandemic, the fair has been postponed two times and realized only in 2022. The installation includes 500m2 of sea, islands, rocks, boats, shells, 36x4 m of landscape background (printed on fabric) and a 7m high light tower with the rotating lamp. Some islands are used for different activities with children, others are soft and can be used for relaxing and resting after the busy fair day, suitable for people of any age. You can listen to the sound of the sea in the shells, watch the Moominmamma painting inside of the tower, go fishing or building bark ships, have a picknick on the seashore, and draw your own sea monster.

Production: Moomin Museum, Tampere
Project manager: Minna Honkasalo
Exhibition architecture, photography, image processing, painting the islands: Alexander Reichstein
Sculpting the islands: Pekko Ulmanen
Technical drawings, light tower's lamp: Martin Hackenberg
Construction work: Fair Centre team
Augmented reality (virtual entrance to the light tower): AR-GO Lab Oy
Pedagogical work: Moomin museum

Photos: Alexander Reichstein, Martin Hackenberg