Piglet Pete's playground
Playground for children, based on picture books
by Ljudmila Petrushevskaja & Alexander Reichstein
CulturaFest '17 Helsinki & Vantaa

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Piglet Pete, as any child, can transform ordinary objects into anything he wants - with the pure power of his imagination. A chair becomes a car, or an aeroplane, or a tractor - you have just to imagine it. Start the motor (frr-frr!), turn the steering weel (a saucepan lid will do), and speed up (beep-beep)! Or just spread out your arms and imagine you are in the aeroplane, and you'll soar above the clouds.

For the Helsinki festival a special part "for adults only" has been created, featuring the fate of Piglet Pete as a hero of the Runet (Russian Internet) folklore: Peter Pete travels to Silent Hill, becomes Gothic, meets the Devil in the Hell etc. And, last but not least, Piglet Pete on his tractor becomes a symbol of modern emigration from Russia.

Images and props: Alexander Reichstein
Animation: Tatyana Moshkova and L.Shmelkova

Part of CulturaFest '17 in Vantaa (Taidetalo Pessi) & Helsinki (Kino K-13)
Managed by Adelfa Agency

Photos: Svetlana Ostonen