Free Zoo
Audiovisual preserve for endangered animals

Polytech Festival, All-Russian Exhibition Centre (VDNH), Moscow 2016

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"Free Zoo" is a light & sound installation, which takes the guests of the Polytech Festival out into a wildlife reserve filled with rare animals and birds. Here, at the fountain under the "Vostok" rocket, they are able to see the endangered species at arm’s length.

After the sunset the birds are flying rustling their wings, the tigers and leopards are growling, and the bears turn to fishing in the fountain. The "Free Zoo" raises awareness about endangered and threatened species. But other than that, this parade of animals is an attempt to find a balance between our nostalgia for the original harmony of men and nature and the constant struggle between them.

Watch animals walking on youtube:
in Moscow:
in Leeuwarden:
in Canary Wharf (London):

Project: Alexander Reichstein
Animation: Tatyana Moshkova
Sound: Georgii Baranov
Commissioned by the Polytechnic Museum, Moscow