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This interactive exhibition is based on a set of animal sculpture parts. Although quite large, these parts (bodies, legs, tails, heads, etc.) are light and easy to fix together. By assembling the parts visitors can create sculptures of ordinary animals and or make up their own menagerie of fantasy creatures. Its possible to build creatures familiar from myths and fairy-tales (like Minotaur, Pegasus or mermaid) or invent one that has never been seen before.
The Bestiarium Construendum sculptures look like the relics of antiquity. The colours and rough surfaces of the rather cumbersome sculptures convey the feeling of ancient cultures. However, they are supposed to be touched and played with. Visitors turn the exhibition into a performance, an ever-changing show. There is always something new being created, the possibilities are infinite.
Schoolchildren are most welcome to the exhibition. Groups are shepherded and helped by students from the art education department of the University of Art and Design.
A set of toys based on the same idea as the exhibition is being developed and the first short series will soon be in production (patent pending).

Acknowledgements: Martin Hackenberg, technical support; Helena Autio-Meloni, Anto Leikola, brochure text; Rami Eskelinen, music.

Supported by: Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Council of Finland, University of Art and Design, Teräs-Kari Oy.

Amos Anderson art museum
30.1. 7.3.2004 Yrjönkatu 27, Helsinki

Alexander Reichstein