Three suitcases
(together with Vera Hlebnikova)

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This is a project carried out as a commission for the Tampere city cultural office in Finland. Three suitcases will circulate from one library to an other in the Pirkanmaa region. There are handmade play props ready to be used in each suitcase:
1. The contents of the big trunk are for a play based on the legends of dragons, it includes crowns, arms and costumes for a princess and a king etc. plus the dragon.
2. The middle-size suitcase contains all that is needed for a puppet theatre; the theme of which is Rudyard Kipling’s The Elephant’s Child. African animals and palms are made from children’s gloves, socks, caps, mittens etc. A picture book based on this playset will be published in the near future.
3. The smallest suitcase has a memory-like play with texts and pictures based on nursery rhymes and other children’s verses.

Special thanks: Minna Mannisto, Maria Laukka

© Alexander Reichstein,
Vera Hlebnikova, 2005