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It is a sculpture installation shown in the MArt gallery of modern art, St.Petersburg, Russia. Several dozens of stones are placed on the dark floor of the gallery, they look like islands in the ocean. Every island has only one inhabitant, one person, sitting, laying or standing, reading, painting or writing, waiting and walking, playing or fishing, thinking and meditating… Each of us is a kind of separate island, and it is not easy to bring two islands together.

Natural stones are cut to have one flat surface. Sculptures are quite small (height about 10-30 cm) and made from metal wire and wire net. After modeling the sculptures have been immersed in molten zinc, they are therefore light but extremely firm. The installation also includes some sculptures from the series Fusing, a video projection of moving clouds and a fascinating background music. .

© Alexander Reichstein
© Music: Thomas Nguyen
© Video: Vladimir Bystrov
Curator: Marina Maguidovitch