The Big Book Labyrinth

Installation from wasted books

POLYTECH festival in the All-Russian Exhibition Centre (VDNH)

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Created especially for the POLYTECH Festival, the huge labyrinth installation is built from 40 000 books wasted from Moscow libraries. There are no deadlocks or crossroads in the labyrinth, but several activity sites like a paleontological sandbox or a lectorium space are hidden inside of it. The guests enter the labyrinth and have to move all the way only forward to come to the centre of the structure and to exit it. At the end of the labyrinth, they can choose books and take them free of charge. After the festival books will be preserved and can be used again for a new labyrinth elsewhere.

Artistic concept and design: Alexander Reichstein

Curator: Tatiana Ryabukhina

Construction work: ArtPrazdnik