The library Christmas calendar

Available for show during Christmas time!

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This object functions as a Christmas calendar and was built for the Parliament's library in Helsinki. Starting from the 1.12. every day a new box has to be opened (according to numbers) in the old catalogue chest. There is a ball painted as a flag of some country inside of every box, so it has to be taken out and hanged on the Christmas tree as decoration. After the box is removed, a golden letter can be seen. Slowly but surely letters form a sentence; however, it is hardly readable before Christmas. But at the proper time the tree is fully decorated and the message visible, and be sure it is the most important Christmas message, in Finnish language of course. I guess, only in Finnish this message has exactly 24 letters, which is essential for this project... 

This object fits quite well to any library or museum - but only for Christmas time and only in Finland.

Owned by the Parliament's Library, Helsinki.

Alexander Reichstein