Time to Fly

A fluorescent sculpture installation
One of my three installations in the Festival of Lights, Berlin 2019

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Light festivals happen at night, but night is the time for sleeping. We dream when we sleep. We sometimes fly when we are dreaming. It is fascinating how a sleeping person’s body often resembles someone who really is flying, jumping, running, and climbing. My sculptures depict different people asleep, men, women, and children lying on pillows, sometimes covered by blankets, but out of their beds, floating above us. The figures are nearly full size. All of them should fly in the same direction. They are fashioned from galvanized steel wire, and therefore quite firm, light, and transparent. Sprayed with a special paint, the steel wire glows at night when bathed in ultraviolet light. The installation is accompanied by quiet, somnolent music.

"Time to Fly" is one of my installations participating in the Festival of Lights, Berlin 2019. Other installations have been "They Were Here" and "Metamorphoses". All three projects have been shown in the fairy-tale park (Märchenwald) in the Gardens of the World (Gärten der Welt), Berlin Marzahn, 11-27.10.2019.