Repairing the Irreparable
Empathy with Ukraine (Part Two)

Gallery A2, Helsinki. 24.12.2023 - 10.1.2024

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Live news streaming and images from the war in Ukraine were the main influences on this project. Photographs of the horrors of war remind us of how gentle, fragile, and vulnerable people’s lives are. A precious home can turn into ruins in an instant. Human life, plans, dreams, and wishes can be smashed, crashed, and shattered to pieces. The war in Ukraine is constantly on my mind, and so are recent terrorist attacks and wars in Israel and elsewhere. These works of art are a hopeless and even futile attempt to repair, improve, and restore what has been ruined, entirely broken, and destroyed.

The first part of this project has been opened in the Muisti Centre of War and Peace, Mikkeli, Finland, on 24.2.2023. The gallery exhibition is the second part of the same project with entirely new art works.

Window exhibition is viewable 24/7. The gallery is open on 04.1 and 10.1.2024 at 12am - 5pm.
Galleria A2, Annankatu 12 00120 Helsinki

Photos: Eino Pessi