Metamorphoses 2

Sculptural installation

Children's museum center for historical education, St.Petersburg

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Metamorphoses 2 visualizes the changes a child undergoes as it matures. Child development is correlated with the metamorphoses of insects. The characters in the installation are thus a cross between insects and children at different stages of their growth and development. The installation is a continuation of Metamorphoses, a project implemented at a city park in Kotka, Finland.

The installation is accompanied by sound effects—creatures laughing, crying, and mumbling in an unknown language. Finnish sound artist Petri Laakso produced the audio files.

Opened in September 2013 as a part of the festival "Contemporary art in the traditional museum", installation will stay permanently in the courtyard of the museum center (Bolotnaya Street, 13, St.Petersburg).

Alexander Reichstein, installation idea, sculptures
Petri Laakso, sounds