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Installation based on Carl Larsson's watercolors

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The installation is part of the big exhibition of the Swedish artist Carl Larsson at the Ateneum Art Museum in Helsinki. Carl and Karin Larsson have formed the Scandinavian approach to family life, children’s culture and the interior design.

The 'At Home' installation allows us to step inside the Larsson house in Sundborn. However, it is not a copy of the real house, but an attempt to reconstruct the space we imagine, when looking on Larsson’s pictures. Larsson has painted views of every wall and every corner of his home, and now in the installation small waterolours have grown to room size. We can peep through the windows, open and close the doors and move back into the Larssons' world a hundred years ago. We can also meet by name all family members, including pets. A lot of props complement the interiors, and all of them can be touched or played with. Different activities have been planned for every room of the installation: we can prepare food in the kitchen, take a rest and read in the guest-room, work in the studio, dress-up in the style of the late XIX century and play with old toys in the nursery. And, after all, we can jump into a real boat and play vikings, just as Larsson’s kids do in the famous picture.

The big Carl Larsson exhibition is on display in Ateneum till the end of April 2012. However, after the big show is over, the installation becomes property of the artist and can be exhibited elsewhere as a separate exhibit.

© Alexander Reichstein, 2012
Curator: Erica Othman

Thanks to:
Carl Larsson-gården, Sundborn, Sweden
Finnish kindergarten museum
Finnish National Theatre
Mihail Serstjuk
Meiju Mylläri

A group of the students from the Helsinki University
participates in the pedagogical activities in the installation.

Valokuvat: Jenni Nurminen, FNG/CAA; Alexander Reichstein