Tales and Truths

Finnish and Swedish children’s book illustrations

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Tales and Truths displays original illustrations by more than 70 Finnish and Swedish artists from the past 50 years, Alexander Reichstein is one of the participants. The theme of the exhibition is “from the woods into town”, the whole show is built up as a journey through different spaces. Every room is devoted to a special milieu: visitors walk through the summer forest, the mystical night winter space, the sunny rural landscape, they “swim” in the sea and end up walking through the urban interior into the city street. Designed by Alexander Reichstein, the exhibition architecture is based on enlarged fragments from the illustrations, printed on white half-transparent fabrics. Walking between the huge images, visitors feel like traveling inside of an oversize fairy-tale book between its pages. The smallest visitors are welcome in this exhibition, every room has a specially designed soft place for comfortable reading of children’s books, and there are lots of picture books displayed for this purpose. The sunny meadow or even the sea bottom appear to be wonderful places for reading, playing or watching the pictures.

Tales and Truths is organized by the Helsinki City Art Museum in collaboration with IBBY Finland, Illustrators in Finland and the Hanasaari Cultural Centre. The partner in Sweden is the Goteborg Museum of Art, which will host the exhibition in November 2005. Textile work is carried out by the Adult’s Educational centre, Helsinki. The whole project is sponsored by Helsingin Sanomat.

Art Museum Meilahti, 17.6. – 2.10.2005


Exhibition design and architecture: Alexander Reichstein