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The Crazy Roundabout is a huge installation build for the Espoo culture center in Tapiola. Fairy-tale creatures from traditional and modern  fairy-tales move around in the wide and high space of the culture center, but there is also place where it's possible to take the creatures down from the rail for playing with them, arranging theater performances with them or just to replace one sculpture by another. The whole installation is based on the mad tea-party story from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol. The idea is to let normal kids interact with fairy-tale creatures build as light weight life-size dolls. The project was carried out in collaboration with the University of Industrial Arts Helsinki and had an outstanding level of technical complexity. It is possible to use the rail and the motor units in future for other exhibitions in the Espoo culture center. New creatures (Santa Claus and reindeer) have been added to the installation for Christmas time 2008. Sculptures from the project will be partly available for new exhibitions and events elsewhere since January 2009.

See the creatures moving on youtube:

Idea, planning, creating of most of the sculptures: © Alexander Reichstein
Planning and producing of the rail and motor units: Martin Hackenberg
Programming of the motor units: Jussi Mikkonen
Also involved in building dolls: students of UIAH Kirsi Jokinen, Juho Hellsten, Tiia Asikainen, Elina Sauvola, Mikaela Hongell, Essi Kuula, Mikko Martikainen;
designers from St.Petersburg Andrei Lublinsky and Ekaterina Savina
Tutors of the course in UIAH: Maria Laukka, Alexander Reichstein

Espoo culture center, 2008