Princess for one day!
(together with Vera Hlebnikova)

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The idea is based on the permanent wish of girls of a certain age to draw princesses, to perform princesses, to become a princess. Our silver castle functions as a dressing room, where dozens of crinolines, crowns, high-heeled shoes of any size are prepared inside for girls willing to try them. The "ready" princess appears on the stage to be admired (or mocked?) by the male audience. The installation includes lots of links to fairy tales involving princesses 
(a crystal shoe, a red apple, a spindle etc.), hundreds of pink roses, gold and silver, jewellery and mirrors, pink curtains and a huge green dragon.

Exhibited already in:
International art center for children, Hyvinkää, Finland
Voipaala art center, Valkeakoski, Finland
Children's factory, Karkkila, Finland
The Nordic House, Reykjavik, Iceland

© Alexander Reichstein
© Vera Hlebnikova