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That is a special world I have created using old books as building materials. There are fantastic towers, houses, spirals and labyrinths in this world, however these are formed in the same way that books can be found in everyday life; books in piles and in rows, as they are on our shelves at home. This book world is inhabited by small personages: people or animals, travelling through the books, climbing on them, even eating them - like bookworms. All small sculptures are modelled from old paper - the same material the books are made from. The exhibition is made in homage to books and readers and fits very well in public libraries.

© Alexander Reichstein

Exhibited in:
Tikanoja museum, Vaasa
Art museum, Kuopio
Finnish Parliaments library, Helsinki
Rikhardinkadun library, Helsinki
City library, Kotka
City libraries: Skellefteå, Östersund; Sweden