The musical Clockwork
(together with Mikko Perkoila)
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The exhibition is about sound, music and noise. Besides the usual musical instruments it contains lots of self-made instruments, all of which can be played by visitors. The exhibition looks like a flat (with a kitchen, a sleeping-room, an office, a workshop), where every door, chair or bed can produce the most unusual sounds. The central object - or inhabitant - of this flat is a friendly monster built from old furniture and other re-cycled materials, which can produce sounds in over 30 different ways and offers enough places to play for a whole group of children.

Exhibited in:
International art center for children, Hyvinkää
Voipaala art center
Hankasalmi music festival
Artcenter Toteemi, Vantaa

© Alexander Reichstein
© Mikko Perkoila