All of Life Long Ago

Anna-Clara Tidholm & Alexander Reichstein

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The exhibition HELA LIVET FORR I TIDEN (All of Life Long Ago) was commissioned by the Hälsingland museum in Hudiksvall, Sweden. Alexander Reichstein was invited by Anna-Clara Tidholm, well-known illustrator and author of children’s books, to develop exhibition concept and scenography for the exhibition. The biggest challenge was to find a solution, how to present to children serious themes and historical items in a playful and poetical way. Alexander’s idea was to create a special “house” for each theme of the exhibition (featuring the whole human life from birth till death) and to place carefully chosen museum objects inside of the houses. This solution created unusual spaces and emphersized the value of the displayed objects. The houses are extremely light constructions with stretched thin half-transparent canvas; wonderful pictures made by Anna-Clara Tidholm matching the theme of each house are enlarged and printed on the fabric. Although reminding real houses in proportions, our “picture houses” are almost immaterial, light, half-transparent, reflecting our memories or imaginations about life in former days from the today’s perspective. Children (and adults, too) are invited to enter the houses, to touch the objects and to play with them. Walking from one house to another visitors also go through most important periods and subjects of the human life. The exhibition doesn’t imitate the circumstances or environment of former times, it leaves a lot of space to the visitor’s own imagination.

The exhibition constructions can be easily taken into parts, packed and transferred to another place. After Hudiksvall the project will go on tour and will be shown in Bollnäs and other places in Sweden and probably Finland.

Hälsingland museum, Hudiksvall, Sweden

© Picture images: Anna-Clara Tidholm
© Exhibition design and architecture: Alexander Reichstein

Historical objects and exhibition constructions are property of the Hälsingland museum