Fertility Fiction

(Satu sadosta)

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This project reflects man’s age-old dream of a magic plant that could produce enough food for all. Dozens of different kinds of fruit and vegetables grow on the branches of the huge tree of life: melons and carrots, bananas and cherries, potatoes and apples grow to maturity and then shrivel up, each one to its own slow rhythm. The whole cycle of life turns in front of you: birth, growth, death and rebirth. The tree is a reminder of both the fantasies dreamed up by certain Soviet agricultural “scientists” in the not so distant past as well as the questionable merits of genetic manipulation today.

4,8 m high, 3,5 m wide
24 inflatable fruits and vegetables
Plywood, latex, pneumatic systems

Engineering and technical realisation: Martin Hackenberg
Music: Eerik Siikasaari
Balloon Center
University of Art and Design Helsinki(UIAH)

Exhibited at Retretti art center, Punkaharju, Finland (31.5. - 26.8.2007)

© Alexander Reichstein