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ALMA TERRA is a fantasy world, which entices visitors to touch, climb and embrace. The object has been created for younger and grown-up ones on the theme of Mother Earth, whose children each and everyone of us is, irrespective of age or size. The ALMA TERRA relief forms a patchwork quilt beneath which the giant figure of a woman rests. Exhibition guests are invited to walk through fields, rest in the soft forest of the vallies and touch the silk of the lakes. There are more than 40 small soft toy cars, trains, planes, ships and houses produced to inspire the play: to travel, to build, to perform, to invent stories.

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Retretti art center, Punkaharju, Finland

8 X 5 X 1,3 m
styrofoam, plywood, foamrubber, textile patchwork
In collaboration with:
Vera Hlebnikova
Martin Hackenberg
Kukka-Maaria Heikkinen
Karoliina Halsti
Pekko Ulmanen
Anna Orlova

Supported by:
Finnish cultural foundation
Art council of Finland
Finlayson Oy
Thermisol Oy

Taideteollinen korkeakoulu
Hannu Paajanen
Kimmo Siren
Ekaterina Protassova
Kari Hallberg
Helena Autio-Meloni
Tuija Oravainen
Merja Kainulainen
Laina Nieminen
Lea Paivinen

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