Paddington, Pooh and Baloo: 
bears and teddies from famous children's books
(together with Martin Hackenberg)

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The project promotes reading to children using bears as one of the most popular themes. The central object in the exhibition is the bear's house - with a link to the fairy tale Goldilocks and the three bears - with three chairs of different size etc. But the whole house is a kind of library, built of bookshelves instead of tree trunks, with a huge open book as the roof. The window is a screen where new bears appear all the time, projected from behind the house. There are also many bears in different sizes and styles standing around the house - they are all taken and enlarged from famous children books. The original book is placed behind every bear's image, - one can take it and read it. The show also includes many original illustrations on the same topic.

Exhibited in:
International Children Library, Munich
Different libraries, schools and bookstores in Germany


Alexander Reichstein
Martin Hackenberg
Special thanks to
Vera Hlebnikova